Terms & conditions

User - an individual or legal person who placed advertisements in UNITY.lv.
Classified and auction services for loyal users UNITY.lv advertisement insertion and subsequent publication on the Internet.
Placing an advertisement or auction UNITY.lv, the user agrees UNITY.lv terms of use.
Placing an advertisement or auction UNITY.lv, the user agrees that user's personal data are processed in accordance with EN laws.
If UNITY.lv not available for longer classified and auction publication deadlines are extended accordingly, except when UNITY.lv not available in a separate internet provider is at fault.
Advertisement and auction-term changes in the publication are not possible.
UNITY.lv registered users agree to receive promotional messages to your registered e-mails.


UNITY.lv registered users can add auctions to other registered users can patirgoties / pacīnīties a particular product.
Auctions must be enclosed in the front end of the auction price, as well as preferred / lowest rates of size.
On the successful conclusion of the auction business users receive ranking points, which are for his due diligence other endorsement.
If the auction is removed from the site earlier than the expiry of the initial period, the user is lowered the rating points or even the profile permanently delete from UNITY.lv
Auction bidding off the delivery time to the winning vendor pact individually.

Bidden auction items must be purchased within 7 days or a separate agreement with the seller.

Paid advertisements

UNITY.lv registered users for each announcement placed in the auction or receive bonus points which can be used for payment of the goods or service.

Number of content rules

Advertisements are not accepted (it is erased) if:
Advertisement or bid is illegal, immoral, offensive, fraudulent information, text, or accompanying the image.
Announcement auction or placed in inappropriate or improper part UNITY.lv section.
Advertisement or bid is a general, vague proposed facility or service description.
Advertisement or auction item or service is different from the actual price of the advertisement said.
Advertised in the auction or the attached image, do not offer a particular advertisement.Advertisement accompanied by poor quality image.
The advertisement in the auction, or infringes copyright or trade marks.
Message text written in the auction, or another language other than Latvian, Russian or English.
For advertisement or auction complains a lot of other users.


Classified and auction service UNITY.lv is entitled to provide information about the users RL police, judicial bodies and injured people following an official request, LR legislative agenda.

Rule changes in order

Classified and auction service UNITY.lv terms of use may be changed, the changes take effect from the date of publication UNITY.lv page.