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Dress to impress before you protest

Dress to impress before you protest

What to wear to protest with style? Some Russian designers have been using the street protests as an opportunity to promote their fashion ideas, teaching the country’s politically-minded fashion lovers to clearly show their political views.

­“Attending mass protests has become the latest trend, no doubt about it,” says designer Aleksandr Arutyunov, the creator of Russia’s first online source on fashion and street protests.

In his blog, the Georgian-born designer, who has shown off his pret-a-porter collections in Russia and overseas including at London Fashion Week, has also promised to demonstrate what it is that unites fashion and revolution.

Arutyunov has so far shared his ideas on what to wear so that your clothing will clearly reveal your political views.

For instance, the designer sees supporters of the United Russia Party dressed to impress, with Rolex watches and Pierre Cardin furs in the limelight, with the dominant color being blue.

He suggests that those who back Just Russia’s social democratic party should wear dark-brownish colors by modest brands.

Right Cause advocates could opt for grey colors by high-end brands.

Those in favor of Yabloko are advised to wear green, sticking to ‘casual chic’ style.

Admirers of the Communist Party needn’t rack their brains looking for what to wear. Go for the red, suggests Arutyunov. It’s a winning combination.

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