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Estonian Air to benefit from bankrupt airlines

Estonian Air to benefit from bankrupt airlines

Estonia’s national carrier Estonian Air might benefit from the recent bankruptcies of the regional Sweden’s airlines – Skyways, its subsidiary City Airlines and the Danish Cimber Sterling.

“The bankruptcies mean that there are passengers in Scandinavia who still need to fly, and who are now looking for alternatives,” says Estonian Air CEO Tero Taskila.

Taskila admits that the airline has already launched negotiations with several Swedish airlines on how Estonian Air could start flying also to other towns than Stockholm.

However, one reason that could prevent the company from expanding its network is lack of aircraft, reports BBN.

“One of the largest competitors for Estonian Air is Flybe Nordic that has reacted very rapidly to the news of Cimber Sterling’s bankruptcy,” says Taskila.

Direktfly is another company that has shown interest in the Scandinavian market, but since it operates only 19-seat small aircraft and has no cooperation with SAS, its chances will most likely remain small.

As reported, bankruptcy of the Swedish low cost airline Skyways has caused havoc in the Scandinavian airline industry, as SAS is now left without another vital partner.

Also the Danish carrier Cimber Sterling announced bankruptcy earlier this month. Thus, the Ukrainian billionaire Igor Kolomoisky has closed two regional airlines in the past few weeks.


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