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Sunday, 20 May


Characteristics Temperature Wind
Evening Partly cloudy, thunderstorm +19° 4 km/h (1 m/s)
Night Cloudy, light rain +14° 7 km/h (2 m/s)
Morning Cloudy, light rain +16° 11 km/h (3 m/s)
Day Mainly cloudy +22° 7 km/h (2 m/s)
Week forecast
  • Monday
    21 May


    Mainly cloudy
  • Tuesday
    22 May


    Mainly cloudy, rain
  • Wednesday
    23 May


    Cloudy, light rain
  • Thursday
    24 May


  • Friday
    25 May


    Partly cloudy, thunderstorm
  • Saturday
    26 May


  • Sunday
    27 May



About weather types

1 weather type - especially favorable. This means that the weather is stable. Within three hours of air pressure change does not exceed 1-2 millibars. The difference between day and night temperatures - not more than 5 ° -10 ° C; changing relative humidity - up to 5-15%. Wind weak.

2 weather type - favorable. With this type of weather izmnenenie atmospheric pressure for three hours - up to 2-2.5 mbar. The difference between day and night temperatures of 10 ° -15 ° C; relative humidity variations - to 10-25%. Wind moderate. There are small storms and rainfall.

3 weather type - unfavorable. Fluctuations of atmospheric pressure for three hours to 3-4 millibars. Temperature may vary with the amplitude of 10 ° -20 ° C and humidity - up to 20-40%. Wind stronger than 6 points. Type III is usually in the days preceding the storms (the temperature rises, the humidity increases, there are significant pressure drop) when the air hanging wet fog and there are other unpleasant phenomena.

4 weather type - especially unfavorable. It usually happens in the fall or early winter, when activated cyclones intensified wind gusts observed and sudden changes in temperature and high humidity. fluctuations of atmospheric pressure for three hours exceed 5-6 millibars. Under the influence of the cyclone in air decreases the amount of oxygen. Differences of day and night temperatures are 10 ° -20 ° C and more. Sudden changes in wind direction (wind force - more than 8 points) indicate the approach of a storm or hurricane.